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Why Engagement with Your Followers is Important

Social media can sometimes feel like normal everyday people are interacting with these large brands and famous celebrities who really don’t care about them. With the internet and social media clout becoming more and more important in our society, it is still important to keep a level head and realize that interacting with your fans is a crucial part of keeping your social media following loyal and growing. There are a couple of ways to improve Engagement with Your Followers.

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Do Giveaways

A simple way to start interacting with your followers when you have gotten so a certain point is to create giveaways. These giveaways could range anywhere from money, free samples of products or even a brand new PS5. Entertainers and companies all over social media are constantly giving back to their fans who got them to where they are now. 

These giveaways can also benefit the celebrity or brand. By making the way to enter the giveaway by liking or sharing your content, you are single-handedly giving something away to fans but at the same time increasing your following and the engagement on your content.

Like and Respond to Your Followers

The thrill people get when a well known brand or a famous celebrity responds to their comment is enough to make them a loyal fan for life. Of course many big instagram users do not have time to respond to every comment, but just by responding to some, you are showing other fans that you will take the time out of your day to connect with followers.

When you respond and interact with fans, it is important to keep a voice that matches the tone of your brand or who you are as a celebrity. While these interactions are supposed to be fun, it is all in the hopes of increasing Engagement with Your Followers so it should be taken seriously.

Understanding Social Media Algorithms

Engaging with your followers is also a great way to work with social media algorithms. The more you interact with followers the more likely it is for your content to show up on their feeds. You can be posting great content, but if no one is seeing it, what’s the point?

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that once a brand or a celebrity gets to a point where they have a solid following, they need to keep doing things that will keep up their fan engagement. Having a million followers means nothing when barely any of them comment or like your content. Big celebrities and brands need to show followers that they are human too and not just some big figure that is too good to interact with the users who follow them.

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