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What is the 3 best types of content to produce?

type of content

Live videos

Asking the best type of content to produce is like asking someone which restaurant to go to. It all depends on who your audience is. Every type of content has its advantages in one way or another. Let me walk you through a couple of my personal favorite types of content and explain the benefits.

type of content


Live videos are a relatively newer type of content. A live video allows content creators to personally interact with their fans and followers in real-time. What is great about live videos is that on Instagram and Tik Tok, every one of your followers will be notified via their phone that you are going live. This is such a quick and easy way to get yourself noticed more by your followers and interact with them on a personal level. The only downside is that at least on TikTok you are required to have a certain number of followers before you are allowed to use this feature.

type of content

Blog posts

type of content

If you are looking to market to a more mature audience, creating blog posts can be the way to go. Blog posts allow creators to teach but at the same time entertain followers with their personality. The only downside is that writing a blog post can be a very taxing and long process as thinking of the best way to say something can oftentimes be extremely difficult.

To be straight forward every type of content has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to pick which type of content to post you need to really put yourself in the shoes of the people you are trying to reach. What type of content would they most be prone to interact with? Once you are able to figure that out, deciding on which type of content to post will become so much easier.

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