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What is Geotagging on Social Media


Geotagging is —and in marketing, it is an art—of implementing geographical metadata into your social media content. The goal is to identify the location of where your content was posted to enhance brand awareness and subsequently, follower engagement. Some use real coordinates (latitude and longitude) and others tag local landmarks, businesses, or attractions. 

What Can It Do for My Brand?

We live in a world where people have access to boundless information. For businesses who rely heavily on location as part of their identity, geotagging is an easy initiative that helps attract local audiences to your product or service. Geotagging puts your content on the map for an audience that craves what you’re selling. 

At the core, it highlights the importance of supply and demand. 

Popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the key networks to utilize for geotagging because it’s swift and simple to create. They’re also the platforms potential customers most commonly use to discover products or services they are seeking. 


There are reasons why geotagging is a marketing technique that’s brought consumers and businesses closer than ever before.

Develop Relationships

Adding a personal touch to a user’s tagged posts can do wonders for consumer engagement. Posing questions, taking roll calls, or thanking them for visiting lets your audience know you value their business. The key is making every interaction feel personalized.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Adding location tags to photos, stories, and events will lead to your posts showing up on “Explore” pages or Stories based in proximity to your business. Developing a plan of action that includes geotagging enhances exposure to your target audience.


The Proof is in the Post

When potential consumers are making decisions, they make note of what brands are getting the most attention in the area. With geotagging, your brand can rely on social proof that you have a growing audience in the area which inspires other interested parties to check you out. 


Geotagging has become increasingly important in the way a brand reaches and expands a targeted audience. It brings people and businesses together and creates an unforgettable experience. Syft understands the benefits of geotagging and how it’s changed the way we communicate in an infinitely large online space. 

The future of brand promotion lies in many things, one being the use of geotagging. If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, reach out to Syft marketing specialists. We are in the business of building relationships.

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