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What is a TikTok Trend?


TikTok as a whole is composed of users making videos and watching other people’s content. When someone does something in a video that people find really entertaining, numerous people usually recreate the content for themselves to show to their specific following. The cycle continues until the content becomes a social media trend and is everywhere on the internet.

When you have a trend that is picked up by a popular influencer, it can blow up in a matter of hours. Once a trend goes viral, you can not scroll more than a couple of videos without seeing another user make their own version. What is amazing, is that these trends are most of the time not complicated at all.

In order to best understand what exactly a TikTok trend is, you need to watch one. A prime example of a TikTok trend is the “and it went like” trend from 2020. Here is how it works. You talk about a situation you are about to get into, then you put a part of the song “and it went like” and then you show a funny outcome of what happened after the situation. The sky’s the limit for this trend and millions of people took part in sharing stories from their life with everyone on the app.

TikTok trends are a lot of the time started by someone who is a famous influencer. Probably the most famous TikTok influencers are Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae. They could pretty much start a TikTok trend at any time if they wanted to. Yes, they have that much influence on the Tik Tok community.


In conclusion, a Tik Tok trend is simply a type of video that can be recreated by other users very easily and made personal. It could be based around action, a song, or even a celebrity. It just needs to spark an interest from the public enough to get them to want to recreate it in some way. Keeping up with current TikTok trends is important for anyone who wants to have a career in social media. Knowing what is popular is the only way to stay on top of your game. Lucky for me, watching TikTok trends are really entertaining.

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