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Top Ten Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

Growing your list of followers on Instagram takes hard work, a lot of time, and patience. From understanding the Instagram algorithm, to curating content in your brand’s look, there is so much that goes into gaining followers. To get you started, check out this list of the top ten ways to grow your Instagram following. 

Figuring Out Your Following 

10.  All About Engagement

Keep engagement at the top of your mind. Engage with your current followers just as much as you reach out to find more followers. Positive and consistent engagement will help ensure that you keep the followers you do have. This will prevent you from constantly rebuilding your following. 

9. Follow As Much As You Lead

In addition to concentrating on your own following, remember to follow other people and companies as well. Expanding who you follow will give you an expanded base of potential followers. Being a loyal follower is, in many ways, just as important as having a long list of followers. 

8. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Even if you don’t always put everything on Instagram, always be truthful in what you do choose to say. Being caught in a lie could destroy your brand on Instagram and beyond, so always make sure you’re telling the truth. 

Understanding The ‘Gram

7. Paying For The Best Promotion

Analyzing which posts to promote will help to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time and money on promoting posts that won’t get you anywhere. Promoting the posts that best represent your brand or that are most likely to catch a lot of attention will give you the greatest chance of reaping the full benefits of promotions. 

6. Understanding The Algorithm

Although the algorithm isn’t everything on Instagram, understanding the best times and days to post will help you immensely. In addition to getting you substantial views, posting in line with when you have the highest engagement will help you set a schedule for your posts. 

5. It’s Not Just About The Posts

Remember to utilize stories and live stories in addition to standard posts, to get the most out of what Instagram has to offer. Intriguing stories can be a great way to draw people in to your page. Stories may be a small thing, but you should take advantage of them, and everything else Instagram offers as a way to promote your brand. 

4. Better Than Swapping Business Cards

Look into the networking opportunities on Instagram. Remembering that DM’s are for networking as much as for cheering on your favorite influencers will give you a leg up when it comes to working with brands and other creators. 

3. Brand Cohesion Is Key

If you’re already active on other social media platforms, work from the beginning to keep your Instagram content consistent with your other accounts. Brand cohesion should always be top of mind, and it’s so much easier to maintain if you’re on it from the beginning.

Crafting Your Content

2. It’s Nice To Have A Niche

Find your niche and stick with it. If you try to post about everything, eventually you’ll be too tired to post about anything. When in doubt, post about what you know best. Your Instagram should be a clear look into who you are and what your brand is. If you’re not sure about what to post, stay true to the heart of your brand, and the content will flow naturally.

1. Be Yourself, The Rest Will Follow

Curating unique content will allow you to stand out from the herd. The more your content shows you and your brand in a unique and honest way, the more of a following you will grow. 

Wherever you’re at in your Instagram journey, any and all of these tips will be helpful. From curating content, to working on your engagement with your followers, everything on here will boost the growth of your follower count. When it comes to growing your Instagram following, these ten tips and tricks are the perfect place to start.

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