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TikTok Trends

TikTok might have been seen as the wild west of social media, but that’s all about to change. As the platform has matured, so has the technology around it. Around 2 years ago, we saw how instagram influencer analytic platforms empowered brands with the tools needed for a data driven approach to influencer marketing. This changed the game, and now we are seeing this come over to TikTok. 

Here are some things we think you should look out for when it comes to trends and TikTok in the year 2020.

Data driven approach and collection, byte sights is the world’s first TikTok influencer analytics tool. Allowing brands to understand important data around influencer metrics and demographics before doing a campaign. We believe this data driven approach is going to re-define how brands approach TikTok. Data is power, and this is exactly what Byte Sights gives brands on TikTok.

TikTok is basically like TV. There is one thing in particular that sets TikTok aside from other social media platforms, and that is its ability to make users feel like they’re watching a TV show. 

We have seen countless examples of content on TikTok that have mirrored TV conventions, and we know that this is going to be something which continues as we head further into 2020. 

The content on TikTok is discovered primarily through hashtags, giving users the opportunity to follow new content over a period of time, the same way that you would wait for the next episode of your favourite TV show. This is great for creators and brands on the platform as it gets users hooked and compels them to navigate to their page to find out what happens next.

There is nothing more appealing to TikTok users than a brand that is authentic, real, and that can effortlessly entertain through video. We’ve noticed a handful of brands creating ‘behind the scenes’ style content to appeal to this aspect of Gen Z behavior and it seems to be working. 

While this content may appear somewhat dull and likely to be swallowed up in an otherwise animated TikTok space, it is actually the type of content that goes absolutely viral on the app. 

Washington Post is an example of a brand who has smashed this trend. They provide exclusive looks into breaking news stories whilst combining the tools and humour existing on the platform, positioning their brand as relevant and entertaining. What’s more, it’s this method that has helped them achieve over 360k followers and become the leading news brand on the platform. 

All in all TikTok can be an incredibly powerful tool when trying to implement strategy for your brand! 

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