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The future of TikTok looks bright, despite Trump attack

The future of TikTok looks bright, despite Trump attack
Microsoft confirmed today it wants to buy US TikTok operations

The future of TikTok looks bright Microsoft has confirmed it is in talks with the app’s Chinese parent company – ByteDance, to take control of TikTok in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. If the deal goes through, Microsoft plans to bring all American user data to U.S. servers + remove data backed up in foreign countries. Currently, TikTok stores U.S. user information in the U.S. and backs it up in Singapore.

Microsoft said that it hopes to complete the discussions with ByteDance no later than September 15. However it’s possible that a deal won’t go through. If TikTok can survive this ban or get bought out by Microsoft, we believefuture of TikTok still has a bright future ahead.

Generations Come and Go

Generations come and go and along with them the entertainers who, for one reason or another, grab the attention of a public in desperate need of something to follow. In the 60s it was the Beatles. The 80s were taken over by Michael Jackson and Madonna. In the 90s you either wore flannel or worshiped boy bands. Now, in the heyday of social media platforms, celebrities are accessible with the click of a button day and night. 

Sure, Facebook had its day, followed by Instagram, and Twitter, and these platforms are still doing just fine, but the current king of the social media hill is TikTok.  Since the lockdown, TikTok’s skits, dancing, and other hijinks have grabbed the attention of bored shut ins, just like the Nirvana grabbed the attention of disgruntled 90s youth. 

High Profile

High profile TikTokers are the new celebrities and they are making lots of money.  Through brand sponsors, management companies, donations, or all of the above, TikTokers have turned their popularity into swimming pools of gold, a feat that Scrooge McDuck would most surely be proud of. One of the top earners in the TikTok game is Charli D’Amelio. Her dancing and lip-syncing performances rake in a cool $48,000 a post.  Loren Gray, who follows the same business model as D’Amelio, pulls in $42,000 a post. And then there is the old guy, Zach King, who makes $41,000 a post and has just recently signed a deal with Tic Tacs. Riyaz Afreen is a renaissance man of sorts. He accumulates his $35,000 a post through acting, fashion blogging, lip-syncing videos, duet videos, and even tickles a funny bone or two with some comedy videos.  The fastest rising star at the top of the list is Addison Rae. With her sweet dance moves and lip-syncing skills, she is making over $35,000 a post. 

That is a lot of money and a lot of posts.

The Creator Fund

Moreover, TikTok has introduced the 2-billion-dollar Creator Fund. As stated earlier, TikTok has taken off since the lockdown, and users of the app have benefited from, and been inspired by, the engaging content of many creators.  With the Creator Fund, TikTok hopes to further support creators, thusly encouraging better, more awe-inspiring content.  Through this monetary support the Creator Fund will generate many opportunities including the 50-million-dollar Creative Learning Fund, in which teachers will be introduced to TikTok and it many learning capabilities. Also, there is TikTok LIVE streaming, which brings in lots of revenue to creators, who can host a show in real time for their audiences. Lastly, is the TikTok Creator Marketplace. The benefit of the Marketplace is that it brings brands and creators together. This collaboration will bring in cash flow, new users, and, yes, help create better content. TikTok is giving back to the community that has made them what they are today and that shows a company that values its employees as well as its customers.  

TikToker Is Now A Full-Time Job

TikTok is a prospering community of creators and consumers of that creation. Whatever the product may be, whether it is dancing, lip-syncing, comedy, sports videos, singing, acting, cats, dogs, I could go on forever, it is being watched daily by millions upon millions of people (there are currently 800 million active users worldwide). It is not only being watched, it is also causing joy in many people’s lives, and that is what really matters, right? If nobody is being hurt and everyone is happy, I hope TikTok becomes a full-time job for as many creators as is possible. Because as humans we should try to spread positivity to as many corners of the earth as possible and that is what these TikTokers are doing. TikToker is not becoming a full-time job, it is a full-time job.  

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