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The Correlation Between TikTok & Billboard Chart

TikTok & Billboard Chart

We live in an age where social media platforms are aplenty. But there is one channel quickly surging past the rest: TikTok. 

The platform of expression

TikTok is an online community where content is boundless. What started as a platform akin to Vine has evolved into an integral part of the way people of all demographics explore themselves. With challenges, lip syncs, adorable animals, and most importantly, original content, people align themselves with a tribe they feel a sense of belonging. 

TikTok & Billboard Chart

Musical influence

Possibly the most popular trend on TikTok is the creation of videos using music sound clips. And once a song-based video catches fire, it spreads across the internet inspiring others to ride and carry on the trend. In turn, it’s led to an abnormal increase of streams and listens since the track becomes a viral success regardless of its release date.

Songs like Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love” (1977) and Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” (1999) have once again become Billboard charts sensations. Oh, the power of social media. 

TikTok & Billboard Chart

The results haven’t gone unnoticed. A TikTok spokesperson recently responded to the influence their app has had on the Billboard charts.

“We are excited to be working with many artists and labels to build long-term relationships as their promotional partner. We always encourage artists to lean into the app, create videos using their trending track, and participate in the fun of what’s making it go viral on TikTok.”

Skateboards and juice

“Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac was one of the first vintage songs to shoot back into Billboard prominence. TikTok user doggface208 made the song go viral once again with his video of him skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice while the iconic hit played over the top. You can see it here:

Not going away

The use of music clips increases the visibility and intrigue of memes, dancing, singing, exercising. What was unexpected is the impact these songs would have on the Billboard chart results. And much like the nature of a trend, popular song clips rise to fame only to be replaced by another, once again altering the status of the Billboard charts. But in the end, the theme never dies.

TikTok is rocketing to the forefront of social media influence on the world around us. To get on board with the rising popularity takes a well-constructed plan to make the best use of it. If you’re interested in using TikTok to promote your brand, reach out to us for help. It’s what we do.

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