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The Best Campaign Management Software

Campaign Management Software can change the course of your brand— understanding and analyzing your customers is imperative in order to move upwards. With hundreds of functions and utilizations, CMS can set you apart from other brands. Not only providing real-time information, CMS also automates your tracking, delivery, and reporting through the integration of customer data sources. 

A marketing and promotional campaign is only as strategic and successful as the tools and analytics you have in front of you. And the best campaign management software allows you to understand your consumers and align your purpose and missions to reflect their needs and wants and yours; using a campaign management software can be a driving force in improving your numbers.

There are several must-haves in a CMS. It must be easy to adopt for users; including easy to use features that can analyze your data and evaluate your numbers, finding tools that work for you equals successful campaigns. The more user-friendly the software, the easier and more successful you can utilize the tool for your benefit. It almost must have multichannel marketing automation— the easier it is to connect the customer to you and vice versa, the more effective the marketing campaign as a whole. This is done through quick, real-time data that sifts through target marketing sources to feed you the right, error-free information. 

The CMS is also required to have content functionalities such as being able to develop and reuse content across several marketing campaigns. In a digital space where content is being fed through 24/7, it is important to be able to create and utilize your content to its fullest potential. Reusable content works, and finding a software that can develop this across multiple channels is imperative. 

Here are a couple of highly rated CMS softwares that can shift your marketing campaigns into effective, successful strategies that ensure ROI, audience engagement, and high numbers.

1. Adobe Campaign. Including email marketing, cross-channel campaigns, channel management, analyzing both online and off-line marketing, dynamic and personalized content, Adobe Campaign ensures touch-friendly marketing automation that supports social media, digital, and traditional marketing campaigns through the use of Adobe Creative Cloud.

2. Wrike. Dedicated to streamlining the workflow, Wrike allows enhancement of the flexibility of system support, centralized communication, real-time analytics reports, multi-campaign management. 

3. Zoho Campaigns. This CMS contains all the features a marketing team will desire: multi-channel communications and management, an easily-accessible editor, built-in social media integration, email marketing, and Google Analytics add-ons based on real-time workflow. Zoho Campaigns ensures multi-campaigns, digital marketing, and so much more.

4. Agile CRM. With solutions to project management, Agile CRM allows you to create automated solutions and campaigns for different services, sales, and multi-channel marketing. Creating workflow charts, contact database, email marketing, and event triggered actions. Guaranteeing efficiency, this CMS can improve numbers and workflow simultaneously.

5. Syft. Last but certainly not least, here at Syft we work with Brands to first develop the strategy behind influencer campaigns based on business needs and current opportunity in the digital marketplace. We’re able to support these services and manage campaigns through a proprietary social media analytics platform, delivering ​valuable insights for brands and creators in an easily navigable dashboard. Campaigns can be easily built and managed in the Syft platform with robust performance analytics that allow for real-time optimizations.

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