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The Benefit Of Slow-Motion In Filming

There’s something about a slow-motion take in filming that creates a very compelling moment. Slow-motion can create and enhance all manner of thoughts and feelings. It all depends on how and when it is used. Today, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the benefits of using slow-motion in filming. 


Entering The World Of Slow-Motion


Slow-motion takes are used to draw the viewer into a specific moment. Wherever slow-motion is used, it draws attention to the moment, and gives the audience a sense of being included in something very intentional. 

Slowing Down For Emotions’ Sake

The use of slow-motion gives the viewer a moment in the film or video that invites them in and takes their breath away in a moment of focus. In short form videos, a moment of slow-motion becomes the focal point of the clip. For example, if a TikTok video includes a slow-mo bit, that bit will stick with the viewer. 

Slow-motion has been used for a long time in feature films, with great success. As short-form videos take center stage on places like TikTok and Youtube, the potential for slow-motion to enhance these quick clips will continue to grow. 

The Potential Of Slow-Motion Filming


Slow-motion has the potential to transport the viewer into a deeper aspect of the video. If you make videos of any sort, utilizing slow-motion takes will give you the opportunity to really connect with your audience. It will feel more intense and will lead your viewer to become a much more active audience member.

It’s not necessary for slow-motion to be in every video you make, but keep it in mind, and use it in those moments when you really want to draw the viewer into the moment. 

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