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Instagram E-Commerce Strategy Tips

Instagram E-Commerce Strategy

Oh, yes, that little thing called a business. It would be so easy if one could just create something and the rest of the world would instantly know about it. But alas that is not the case, dear friend, there is more work to be done. You cannot just create something and set it free. Your business is your baby bird, you must nurture it, feed it, and teach it to fly that why you need Instagram E-Commerce Strategy.

A Disclaimer

                This article should be read by somebody, or somebodies, who have already spent the time nurturing, and feeding their business, because if they haven’t been doing that then they have nothing to send to the air. So, folks, if you have nothing to send from the nest there is other work for you to do. Stop reading and go put your nose in the worm hole. Return to this article in however long it takes you to fatten up your baby. But, if you are ready to let your birdy fly, then continue reading because this article concerns you.

Best Instagram E-Commerce Strategy for Your Business

                With 1 billion monthly active users, I would say that Instagram is a rather good place to help grow your e-commerce business. And if that is not enough check out this stat: there are over 500 million active accounts everyday and those users are spending, on average, just over 50 minutes a day swiping up and down and side to side. Users are dancing with their hands for almost an hour every day!  Talk about a captive audience. And what does a captive (possibly bored at work) audience love to do? Buy stuff. That is where you and your baby bird come in.

                But how do you reach those millions of salivating Instagram users just looking to enter their card number, expiration date, and security code?  Well, buckle up, because that is what you are soon to read about.

You ready?

You know I will not drive this car until you are buckled in.

Great, I heard the click, here we go!

Switch Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

This should be the first step in your e-commerce Instagram dominance, and it is quite easy to do.

  1. Go to account settings and click the “Switch to Business Profile” option.


If you need to take a break, I get it. Work can be tiring.

So, what does the switch do for you? It gives you a more professional looking profile and offers you valuable information on the amount of impressions and clicks on your posts.

How often can I get this valuable information?

On a weekly basis, folks.

Instagram E-Commerce Strategy Tools

And now the tools of ignorance.

 First up, create a clickable storefront. How do you do this? It’s almost as difficult as switching your personal account to business. Go to Edit Profile and put the link to your storefront in your bio, so then when you post a product you can write “click the link in the bio to purchase”. And then presto, the consumer is on your page with said product and…other products that they might be tempted by.

Another way to reach the masses and not just your mom, supportive cousins, and that person who sympathy followed you, is the use of hashtags. Here’s how it works for those who don’t already know. Let’s say you own a bicycle company. Your company just released the newest model, a super sleek cruiser that is perfect for riding around shirtless (or nearly, depending on level of comfort), close to the beach, or around the park. You take a nice picture of the bike, write up a well thought out description, and add a few hashtags pertaining to the bike and the condition of the lovely weather. For example: #bicycle, #newbicycle, #bikeforsale, #beachweather, etc. Simple as that. Then all of those people following, or searching, out those specific hashtags will be more likely to see your post.

Instagram Photos

                And now the granddaddy. The one that all those Instagram consumers are looking for, the photo. Because, why else would you really be on Instagram if not for the tasty pics? Your business, your brand, and your products should be highlighted by a nice visual experience. By doing this you are going to engage the consumer with your product. Nice pictures mean that the swipe will stop, and they will engage, or, cough, cough, buy.

                Also, one thing you can do to make your users feel special: wrap them in a warm blanket called highlighting their content. By asking them to share their pictures of themselves with your product, and then furthermore asking them if you can post their picture on your account, will make them feel all warm and cozy. It is the popular complex. They feel popular because of you so they want to give you something in return.  More money is what they want to give you.  Cha-ching!

I Feel So Influenced

                We all need a little help from our friends. The Beatles knew it and so do you, just admit it like they did, but not through song, through Instagram. Here’s how you get an influencer to influence their users into becoming your user (or better yet, customer). Contact the influencer. Offer them something. I know they really like cash, and lots of it. So, give them what they want and then they will give you what you want. And what you want is to sell that nice cruiser that your company produced. Here’s how you can make that happen:

Get the money from your bank. Ask them to put it in a bag with the $ sign on it, so there is no mistaking what is inside. Meet up with the influencer. Look over your shoulder–better yet both shoulders–to make sure nobody followed you. Give them the money. Tell them what you want them to do (In this case post a photo of themselves riding the bike while the sun is shining near a beach). They do it. Their users want to be like them, so they visit your website. They buy the bike. You smile as your pockets struggle to hold all of the cash.

This Is the End, My Only Friend, the End

We have reached the end. Parting can be sad sometimes. Your bird has learned how to fly and you are now an empty nester. This is good but can be lonely. So why not create another bird? It is fun to do and is a way to stave off the loneliness. And then come back to this article and rinse and repeat. Happy selling!

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