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How to Use Instagram as a Micro Blog

Use Instagram as a Micro Blog

Since the beginning of the 21st century, businesses have used blogging as a way to provide potential customers with knowledge of their brand’s identity. Since blogs became common practice, they’ve brought about a revolution in marketing and advertising. 

As much as blogging has made an impact, it’s gone through transitional phases. Early on, it was built around writing long-form content. As the years progressed, blogging has shifted towards a blueprint involving image-laden, shorter-form copy. By combining the components of blogging with Instagram’s image-based nature, marketers Use Instagram as a Micro Blog.


Integrating your Instagram strategy with microblogging starts with authentic content tailored to your target market. Remember, you’re limiting your words and pivoting to images being the focal point. The goal is to represent an experience through visuals supplemented by the need-to-knows. A touch of personality offers an intimate experience users connect with.

According to a study performed by Nielsen Norman Group, users tend to consume only 20% of the content that’s been put in front of them. By using Instagram posts as the eye-catching lead for rich yet precise content, users are more apt to interact with the message you’re trying to convey. 


Developing a micro-blog initiative for Instagram is a simple process. Here are some things you can do to make sure you attracting the attention of your target audience.

Get to The Point with Micro blog Instagram

The idea of Use Instagram as a Micro Blog is getting straight to the point. Don’t waste time and effort dragging the message out. Only a certain amount of text is visible on Instagram without clicking so treat the first sentence like a headline. 

Offer Insight

There’s a reason Instagram is one of the most—if not the most—used platform for influencers. Take a page out of their playbook and share tips and tricks, personal stories, and how-tos that offer a feeling of “one-on-one” interaction. 

Let Them in on the action

Adding polls to the microblog is genuine and lets users influence a thought or decision regarding your brand. Instagram promotes posts the more engagement they create.

Sneak Peeks

When users acquire exclusive info regarding your brand, it inspires a sense of inclusivity. Be open and honest with your followers to build a relationship. Who doesn’t like a good sneak peek?

Long, thought-provoking blogs are by no means obsolete. Some users still enjoy blogs that took time and effort to create. Microblogging on Instagram is an alternative method that reaches a demographic that prefers a higher frequency of engagement. 

Syft is well-versed in the strategizing of microblogging and Use Instagram as a Micro Blog. For more information regarding the innovative way to create copy, feel free to contact us and diversify your marketing efforts.

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