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How to Know if Someone’s followers are Real or Fake

Throughout the last couple of years, having a good social media following has become crucial for any influencer or brand who wants to make it. With this increase in importance, a new tactic of buying social media followers has started to occur. It is not hard to do at all and is honestly not as expensive as you would think. 

With the ability to buy followers, how can you know if your favorite influencer or brand’s social media account followers are legit? There are a couple of ways to Investigate their followers . Let me walk you through them so the next time you are wondering if an account’s Followers are Real or Fake, you will have the skills to know.

followers are real or fake

Investigate Their Followers

The first way is to take a closer look at the followers the account has. There are a few major red flags that can tell you if the followers are real or fake. The first is if the followers do not seem to have any social media presence on their accounts. This could be a lack of followers, a lack of posts, but the biggest one is if they do not have a profile picture.

If an account has very few followers, no posts, and no profile picture, more likely than not it is a fake account. Every account might have some fake profiles, but if you notice that most of the accounts you are checking have these red flags, it is very possible that the account purchased most of their followers.

Some accounts literally say they are a fan buying account and will more often than not follow the person who they sold the followers to. If you are going through the person or brands account and they have a lot of these fan buying pages following them, you can assume that they bought followers.

Check User Engagement

after Investigate their followers The next way to check if an account’s following is legit is to check on user engagement. If an account has a ton of followers but they are not getting very many comments or likes, there is a large chance the followers are fake.

 Even if an account is getting a lot of comments, the quality of the comments is important to look at. If all the comments on their posts are promotions for another account or just straight up gibberish, you can take a guess that the account bought followers.

If you really want to get technical with this, there are tools you can use that will automatically check an account for fake followers. The two I recommend are Follower Check and Social Audit Pro. These tools will run a full scan and will be able to tell you if an account is legit in only a matter of minutes.

At the end of the day, unless you really need to be 100% sure if an account has purchased followers, you do not necessarily need to use those computer tools. Taking the other steps I have stated will most likely be able to give you your answer.

Also, just remember that an account having some fake or bought followers doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. A lot of accounts when they first start out buy followers to make their numbers look better. When you need to be concerned is when an account seems to just have tons and tons of these fake bot accounts and all the comments on their posts seem fake.

If you are looking to promote your business using social media influencers you should always run these checks on any account you are planning to use. Here at Syft, we will help you gain quality followers that will interact with your content by using these tips and our highly knowledgeable employees.

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