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How To Get Verified On Instagram

Instagram is a great place to expand your business and grow your brand. With so many connections to be made, and so many ways to share your brand with such a wide audience, the photo-first social media platform can give you quite a leg up in building your business. If you’re really looking to excel in the Instagram world of business, then get verified on instagram is the way to go. 

There is a process to apply for verification on Instagram, but it’s not a cut and dry kind of process that guarantees verification. There are many aspects that you should work on with your Instagram account to reach for that verification goal. From working on authenticity, to finding your audience, to engaging with everyone who visits your page, there is so much that you can do to work on the verification process. 

On The Road To Verification

The process of requesting verification on Instagram is pretty straightforward. Instagram offers this page of information on requesting verification, and once you’ve requested it, the official request is out of your hands. It’s the work beforehand that’s the truly important part of becoming verified. 

Most of the pages that you see with verification on Instagram are either celebrities, or long standing businesses with a huge customer base. It can be difficult for a smaller business to get verified, but you can learn from these larger places, to expand your chances of getting that little badge on your page. 

Authenticity Is Key

A good place to get verified on instagram is making sure that your brand is well represented on your Instagram page. Keep it sharp and professional, but also make sure it is always in line with your brand. Inauthenticity is not the way to go when you want people to see you as a brand worthy of verification. 

Good Content Is Good For Business

Even though it’s not the heart of your brand,  take the time to curate your content, and make it look good. Taking good photos isn’t the mark of a successful business, but having bad photos will make you look like a bit of a secondhand brand. 

What it comes down to is, if you want to get verified on instagram, there’s got to be something bankable about your brand and your page. If you have an established brand or even a quality idea that you can build into a brand, then you’re halfway there. 

Start With Syft

Building your page up may be difficult if you’re new to social media, or you’re simply used to other facets of marketing. That’s where utilizing a digital marketing agency like Syft can come in handy. 

Syft’s team of marketing professionals and network of creators works with you to create, maintain, and market your brand through your Instagram page. Working with experts is the way to go when you’re embarking on this journey with your brand, and Syft will help you achieve your dreams. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and launch your brand on Instagram, reach out to Syft here to step into the world of social media marketing, and propel your brand forward.

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