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How do TikTok Challenges Go Viral?

Everyone who has ever been on TikTok has seen some sort of viral challenge at some point. But how do these challenges go so viral and become worldwide trends? Let me take you on a behind the scenes tour on how your favorite challenges take over the world.

Compelling Audio

TikTok Challenges

The first thing that makes a challenge go viral is an interesting audio. Since so many users on TikTok are using the app to pass the time when they are bored, compelling audio that captures the users’ attention is crucial. You want users to be engaged with your content and completely focused, and solid audio can do just that. The most viral trends on TikTok all have an interesting sound. These sounds can be anything from a popular song to complete nonsense, the only important thing is that the sound captures the users’ attention.

Engaging Activity

In order for a TikTok Challenges to go viral, it needs to have an engaging activity. The reason trends go viral is because they are fun to do and watch. Whether it is doing a dance or pranking someone in your family, the thing all TikTok trends have in common is that they get you up and about doing something.


The most important aspect of any viral trend is that the content is sharable.

How do TikTok Challenges Go Viral?

Any TikTok trend that spreads like wildfire is because so many people are sharing the content with their friends and family. Without the video being shared over and over again, no trend would ever go viral and we would not have the TikTok trends that we know and love. 

TikTok trends sometimes seem to have a mind of their own and the videos you might think would go viral do not. On the other hand, sometimes trends you might think would never be popular end up being the next big thing. It all really depends on the current situation of the world.

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