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Followers vs. Engagement: What Is More Important?

Followers vs. Engagement what is more impotant Although having a ton of followers may seem important, engagement by far is the more important of the two. Anyone can gain a large following. Whether you are Kim Kardashian or just someone who purchased a lot of followers, if your viewers are not interacting with your content it is like you do not have an audience at all.

Everyone knows what a follower is, but what is an engagement? Engagement is when someone likes, comments or shares the content you posted.

Why engagement is important

Why engagement is important Engagement is important because this is how your content goes viral. When people share or like your post, they are single-handedly spreading your post to everyone in their internet circle. When someone from their circle then interacts with your content, they then spread it to their circle and so on and so on.

Think of it as similar to the pandemic.  The reason some things go viral so quickly is not because of the number of followers the person has, rather the number of interactions aka engagement.

It is  surprising that even some of the biggest celebrities with the biggest following get worse engagements than a smaller micro influencer whose followers are more loyal. This is where people get tricked up. They gain a large following but don’t post content that a large part of their following is going to interact with. 

When you get all these followers, you have to figure out what you were posting in the first place that made you grow so quickly and continue posting that type of content. At the end of the day, influencers owe all their success to their followers so they need to make posts that fit their taste That’s Why engagement is important

How to increase engagement

after knowing that Why engagement is important There are a couple of ways to increase engagement on your social media. The first as stated above is to post the type of content that got you followers in the first place. When you keep your followers happy, you have a higher chance of them engaging with your media.

Another way to increase engagement is to “engage” with your followers. Shoot them a like if they comment on your posts. Having the person or company that you commented on respond back in any way creates loyalty like none other. Just a simple like or a quick reply back could get you a quality follower for life.

Don’t forget the small stuff just because you have a lot of followers. Along with this use the tools that social media platforms offer. Make sure you are consistently posting on your Instagram stories and using hashtags on Twitter. These two quick tips will increase your engagement rather quickly if you have not been doing it before.

How to calculate your engagement rate

It is actually quite easy to calculate your engagement rate on a post. All you need to do is divide the number of engagements over the number of followers. So let’s say a page has 1000 followers and on their latest post they received 10 comments. All you need to do is do the simple math of 10/1000 to get the engagement rate of .01. This means that  1%of their followers engaged with the latest content.

Why engagement is important

What is a good social media engagement rate?

There is no defined answer to this question as each social media platform has a different level of engagement,  but most experts agree that anything over 3% on Instagram and 1% on Twitter is fantastic. This all depends on the amount of followers you have.

Take this example. Kim Kardashian has an engagement rate of around 1.56% on Instagram while most micro-influencers get anywhere up to 4%. Kim has millions of more followers than these micro-influencers but she gets less engagement.

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