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Five Challenges of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of building a brand and running a business. There’s so much that goes into content marketing, and there are plenty of areas that can be difficult to understand right off the bat. Wherever you’re at in your content marketing journey, this breakdown of the top five challenges will give you a foot in the door of fully understanding content marketing.

Content Marketing

5. The 411 On ROI

In fifth place is learning how to measure the ROI of your content. You could have the most amazing content and a thriving online presence. However, that needs to be paired with being able to understand the benefits of content marketing for your business. Without an understanding of your ROI you’ll be moving blindly through the world of content marketing. 

Utilizing analytics and studying the direct return you get from your marketing practices is essential. It will let you see what you can change, and what is working really well. Understanding the metrics of the conversion between content marketing and ROI can be tricky at first. Once you have a firm grasp on it, you’ll be set up for success. 

4. Channeling Your Brand 

One of the challenges for beginners is choosing the best channels to promote your content. I say beginner’s because once you get this sorted, you won’t necessarily have to change it up. 

Content Marketing

That being said, do your research. If you don’t and choose wrong, this can be a constant thorn in your side. Choosing the best channels for your brand is as simple as learning what kind of content is suited for each channel. Then you match that to what works best for your brand. If you do this properly at the beginning, you’ll be well situated for the rest of your work. 

3. Paying The Price For Quality Promotion

In third place is the technical challenge of understanding the ins and outs of paid promotion. Paid promotion is an excellent way of propelling your brand forward, but you want to be sure that you are choosing the right content to promote. 

Content Marketing

Choose content that best represents your brand and work with the platforms that best suit your brand. This is a good way of guiding your decision making when it comes to paid promotion. 

2. Know Your Audience

Coming in second is the challenge of having a deep understanding of who your audience is. This is a trickier one, but if you start out with a goal of who you want your audience to be, you are on the right track. 

Content Marketing

There are two key steps to understanding your audience. First off, know who you want to reach. Secondly, actively engage with those people with likes, comments, DMs, and all forms of interaction. If you work with both of those strategies, you’ll come to understand and market towards them much easier. 

1. Consistent Quality Content…Forever

And the number one challenge of content marketing is the ever-present challenge of consistently producing high quality content. For as long as you’re creating content, you’ll be working to keep up the quality, find new content to produce, and keep yourself from getting burnt out. This is a never ending challenge. 

Starting off, you should find your niche in terms of the type of content you create, and make sure that what you’re choosing to create won’t become a drain on your psyche. As long as you’re producing authentic content that really mirrors your brand values, you’ll have a solid foundation and will be able to handle it in the long run. 

Starting Off On The Right Track

Content marketing will get easier as you gain more experience with it. Some of these challenges will forever remain things you need to be aware of, and some of them will eventually become easy habits. The challenges may change as your brand grows, but if you start out with mastering these five, you’ll be ready for anything. 

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