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Easily Building Brand Cohesion Across Your Platforms

One of the most important features of your brand’s online presence is having brand cohesion across all social media platforms and sites. There is a lot of freedom in how you can market, but having a consistent brand image helps grow your audience.

Breaking Down Brand Cohesion

Brand cohesion is a pretty simple concept, and if you put work into it, it’s easy to achieve and maintain. In the same way that you want your social media handles to be the same across all platforms, your content and design should look and feel the same across social media platforms, to advertisements, to your main website. 

The Benefits of Consistent Branding

Maintaining consistency across your brand feeds directly into how consumers interact with your brand. If you stick with a specific color palette and style of design, your customers will associate that consistency with your brand, and view your brand as something they can depend on. No matter what your brand is, consistency is key in building a base of loyal followers. 

Building Brand Cohesion

To achieve brand cohesion across your platforms, the best thing you can do is work closely with your marketing team to maintain content that reflects your main mission and goals. A team like Syft will be able to help you create stunning content that portrays exactly what you have in mind for your brand. 

For curating your content together, it’s best to prepare all of your photos, videos, and writing with the same editing tools and mindset, so that it all has a cohesive look and feel. 

If you stick to your main mission and goals you’ll find it to be much easier to bring a cohesive look. You want all of your content to have the same voice. A cohesive brand starts with one strong central voice. 

Hire A Marketing Team

If you’re looking to start building up brand cohesion across your platforms, it’s time to hire a digital marketing team. Bringing in a team of experts in the digital marketing industry can help you to communicate your brand across all platforms, in a cohesive and compelling way. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to Syft here, and begin your journey towards consistent brand awareness today.

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