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Are CGI Influencers the future of marketing?

Just as technology has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, it’s now beginning to infiltrate the social media influencer world…

Are CGI Influencers the future of marketing?
@fnmeka (left) and @lilmiquela (right)

Meet Meka, a 21 year old rapper/influencer who has been growing fast in popularity. At time of writing, Meka has over 2.8m followers on TikTok and people seem to be thoroughly enjoying his content. There’s just one thing – he doesn’t exist in the real world. He identifies as “a robot rapper not accepted by this 🌎”. Meka was created using CGI or “computer generated imagery”. Is this the beginning of the end for mankind as we know it? Probably not, but undoubtably it will change social media influencing forever.

In the fight of man vs. machine, who will come out on top? Just watch Terminator… OR, continue reading below for our detailed comparison between the two.

@fnmeka dancing next to his new Gucci Cybertruck

CGI Influencers vs. Human

  • Supply and demand: Right off the jump, there aren’t yet very many CGI influencers… making it in my opinion – an alluring niche market to be apart of.
  • Control: As a brand working with a CGI Influencer, you have more control. You can simply program them to say and do things in virtual environments however you wish them to.
  • Output: Imagine 5 people all living the same life. Strange thought, I know. That’s essentially how CGI Influencers live. With multiple people operating them, the output potential is unlimited. They can post selfies, collab with other real people remotely, and promote brands all at the same, without getting tired.
  • Infinite Flex: This ties back in with the control aspect. CGI Influencers like Meka have virtually infinite wealth and creative capabilities to “flex on the gram”.
  • No Scandals: Since they only really exist online, getting “cancelled” is… well, not impossible, but a lot less likely.
  • Immortal: When a celebrity dies, their social media accounts die with them. Well, sort of… they usually gain a lot of followers at first from fake people who didn’t support them when they were alive. Anyyyways, Imagine if you could just continue on influencing generations forever and ever?
a video from @lilmiquela, with 2.4m followers at this time of writing.
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