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Best Times to Post on Instagram

Best Times to Post on Instagram

Spending time creating social media posts that you are really proud of and them not getting much traction from your followers can be really frustrating. Luckily as of 2021, new studies have been done to show when the best times to post on Instagram are.

The study was calculated with over 12 million Instagram posts and the results were clear. The best times to post on Instagram are…

Although these may be the calculated best times to post on Instagram, it is important not to take these times at face value. You need to also think about what type of audience you are marketing to and use those aspects in your chosen time to post.

Consider Your Demographic

If you are making your content for a younger audience you need to think about their everyday life. Most younger people are waking up early for school on the weekdays and then are busy for a couple for a while until after classes. You will want to take this into consideration when you are deciding when to post.

If you are making content for an older audience you again want to think of their everyday life. Most older people get up early for work and then go to bed early. You will again want to take all this into consideration when you are picking a time to post your content.


Hashtags are also important depending on the time of your post. If you are posting in the morning consider having a hashtag that has something to do with #morninggrind. You want to connect your hashtags to what you are posting and having one that connects to the time of day you posted is a good way to start. You can also do this when you are posting at night. A hashtag of #latenightgrind will again connect you to more engagements.

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