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What is the Best Time to Post on Twitter

Posting your Twitter content at the right time is a tricky but very important aspect of social media management. With Twitter especially, the time that your tweet will be broadcast on the timeline is very small.

In fact, it is only the first 15-20 minutes after you post where your tweet will be broadcast thoroughly to your followers. Any time after that your engagement will be based on the likes and retweets your tweet received in those first 15-20 minutes.

This is the Time to Post on Twitter

So when is the best time to post on twitter? According to a 2021 study, the best times to tweet are between 9 am to 1 pm on the weekend and 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays. The study also went into some detail on some poor times to tweet. Times you should stick away from posting content on Twitter is anywhere between 10 pm to 4 am. This makes sense as most people are asleep during that time. 

The study also found that posting on the weekdays usually gets more traction than posing on the weekends. This could be because people are spending time with their family and friends on the weekends and are paying less attention to their social media.

Post on a regular basis

Even with knowing the best time to post on Twitter, it is still important to tweet on a regular basis. To get the best results, you should be posting multiple times a day during those peak traction hours stated above. This will help the Twitter algorithm see that you are someone whose tweets should be broadcast to the public as you are a consistent poster.

Tweet with pictures

Tweeting with pictures is also a good way to increase engagement. According to the 2021 study tweets with pictures had 41% more retweets and a 48% increase in favorites. With this large of an increase in traction by simply just tweeting with a picture, users who are trying to up their engagement should always post a picture with their tweet.

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