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Best Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing

Social Media is the platform for digital marketing. There are no two ways about it. Email marketing campaigns might as well be the pony express and popups are akin to a child tugging on your pantleg when you are trying to have a conversation. Social Media is the now and the foreseeable future for getting you and your money onboard for the latest music release, iPhone, or iRobot Mop. 

Best Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing

So where does one go from here? Whether you are one person or a major corporation, building up great social media does not happen by finding a pretty picture, slapping down some creative words, possibly a few hashtags, and pressing post. It would be nice if it were that easy, but sadly it is not. Like many things in life, delectable social media needs help, or tools, to take it to the next level.  These are in our opinion, the best social media tools for digital marketing.


Biteable is used by some heavy hitters, such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and Panasonic. If their clientele list is not enough, here is the rundown of what they can do for you.

Biteable helps you make videos.

That’s it.


Just kidding.

Sort of.

Their website says that they help you “make better videos than your competitors. On your lunch break”.  They have a built-in library of over 800,000 clips, animations, and music, which is a good start. Also, they have easy to use templates, making the creation of short, professional looking videos even more accessible. And most features available to the user are, wait for it, free! Sure, you can upgrade to the starter plan for $15 a month or go all the way to unlimited for $49 a month, but if you are on a tight budget there is plenty to do, which requires none of your hard earned cash.

Let’s be honest, visual content is much more engaging than text, and Biteable is a great tool for helping you get masterful looking visuals.


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So, now that we have the visuals out of the way, let’s get on to the overall content. That is where Buffer comes in. They offer a two-pronged attack in the form of publishing and analytics. On the publishing side they will collaborate with you to create “thumb-stopping” content that will help to grow your business. Then they will publish, from a single dashboard, your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, depending, of course, on what platforms you are using. They will also work with you and your team to plan upcoming posts and campaigns.  

Buffer can also provide the analytics to help grow your brand. Through detailed reports they can help you grow your overall social media reach, engagement, and monetary gains.  But some of those monetary gains are going to be handed back to Buffer ranging from $15 a month to $99 dollars a month, depending on your needs.


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BuzzSumo provides one of the most critical parts of marketing, research. Used by Expedia, HubSpot, BuzzFeed, and The Telegraph, BuzzSumo helps their customers realize what content works and what content is scrolled by without a thought.  Using their “four key components”, Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring, they provide detailed answers to enlighten their customers about high-performing content, data points, influential people, and trends. Their goal is to get you more likes, build your marketing strategy, strengthen your brand, and increase your opportunity to reach more people. Their help falls on the higher end of the money scale, starting at $99 a month all the way to $499+ a month. 


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Blogs are an important part of growing a Social Media Marketing Campaign.  One of the toughest things for any blog is generating traffic flow. So, how do you create Los Angeles traffic at the height of rush hour on you blog?  Missinglettr has the answer.

Missinglettr uses applications like Al and Machine Learning to scan your blog post for content, such as quotes and images, that could possibly work well on your social media platforms. They then distribute them across your socials.  Missinglettr can also assist in finding successful hashtags to give your content a harder push in front of a larger audience.   Possibly the most important service that they offer is linking their found content back to your blog post to generate more traffic on your site.

 Presto! L.A. traffic!

Their price range is very reasonable from $9 a month to $39 a month.


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It seems logical to close out the article with possibly the most well-known Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing. Hootsuite is known by most people, even those who couldn’t give a hoot, yes, I said it, about marketing.  So, what are they known for?

Hootsuite helps bring all your social media platforms under a single dashboard. Think of them as your highly sophisticated social media daily planner. You can assign tasks, plot out a social schedule, and set reminders. They also provide free online courses in social media management skills, and the fundamentals of social media marketing.  

Their tools integrate with almost all social platforms and they provide analytics and a detailed putrefaction of their findings. Through this you can better interact with, as well as find, more customers. 

In Conclusion

The amount of social media tools for digital marketing is numerous and that is putting it lightly. So, if you are looking to build your brand, the aforementioned tools are a great place to start. There is a world of people out there with pocketsful of cash (or plenty of credit) looking to part ways with it for a good product. You just need to sell it to them in a way that looks pretty, sounds good, and makes them stop scrolling.  

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