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Best brands to follow on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels - Best Brands To Follow

                Instagram Reels is still in its infancy, but already the fifteen second videos are stock pilling to the point of distraction. Sure, you can randomly choose a video to watch. Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of content and other times you will be shocked at how bored you can become in just a matter of seconds.

So, what are the best brands to follow on Instagram Reels? Are you looking to check out a professional football team? How about stopping by for a quick makeup tutorial? Or maybe you want to see what’s up next on your favorite streaming service. Possibly you are just looking to curl up with a book, but don’t know what’s new. No matter what kind of Reels you are looking for we have something for everyone.

Check best brands to follow on Instagram Reels

Penguin Random House

A great way to start off your day is with a good book and a cup of coffee. One of the world’s leading publishing houses is utilizing Instagram Reels to get their new releases out to the public in a comforting and relatable way, with a cup of coffee and a stack of books. Penguin’s Reels are just what you would want for the bibliophile in all of us. They are simple, enticing, frequented by coffee, and populated with bright covers and new books. How could you not jump on your Kindle and purchase your next lettered friend?


After your morning read and wakeup juice it is time to get the blood pumping with a run around the block. But what shoes to wear? Puma has you covered with their creative, eye catching Reels. From a person walking down a flight of stairs changing Pumas with every step to an artist decorating a blank canvas (white Pumas) with markers, these Reels are sure to get you out of your favorite chair and hitting the pavement with ease.  

Atlantic Records

Unless you are looking to listen to the birds chirping or the horns honking on your run, then you will need to know what music to listen to. Atlantic Records has just the Reels to catch your eyes and your ears. Their Reels are music videos in miniature. Featuring artists such as Skrillex, Missy Elliott, and Roddy Ricch, you are bound to find the next addition to your workout playlist.

Taco Bell

Your run is finished, and it is time to indulge a little bit. And why not? If you are having a hard time finding out which carbs to reboot with then swipe yourself on over to Taco Bell and check out their Reels. Their fun short skits of people eating delicious burritos and tacos or sneaking in the house with their Bell booty are enough to make your stomach rumble and tickle your funny bone as well.

San Francisco 49ers

You just sat down with your bag of Bell and now you need to find out what to watch. Luckily, it is football season and the defending NFC champions are on. The offseason has made you feel disconnected from your 9ers, so why not swing on by their Insta and get acquainted with the red and gold. Their Reels find players funny and relatable, just what you need to reaffirm your love for the Bay. 


The game is over. What to do next? Why not go out for a bite to eat (but only if everyone is being responsible and keeping six feet and wearing masks, I am looking at you Orange County)?  Before you hit the town, you need to do your makeup, but you are tired with the same old routine. This night should be fun, different, and what better way to change it up then a new makeup routine? Sephora’s Reels have you covered. Their compact makeup tutorials are informative and easy to apply.


Dinner was great. You looked good. You feel sleepy, but you aren’t quite ready to hit the sack. It is time for some Netflix. But what to watch? There is so much great content to choose from and it seems like there are ten new shows and movies every day. Head over to their Reels. They are exactly the kind of previews that you need. They show just enough to hook you, but not too much where you know everything that is going to happen.


Instagram Reels has taken you through your entire day. Really, what would you do without it. Do you remember the days before Instagram Reels when you had to think for yourself? It is amazing we are still around. I’m tired. Good night.

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