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8 Examples of Influencer Marketing done right

Examples of Influencer Marketing

An influencer is one who has the following AND engagement of a distinct niche, having the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their expertise and authority they have on their audience. 

Influencers are often the first to introduce a new or innovative product to their audience. Since they typically have a medium to large sized following, they can easily generate lots of views, shares, or even go viral depending on the content and the reach influencers have.

Here are 8 examples of influencer marketing done right:

  • BMW TikTok Influencer Campaign

In 2019 when BMW launched their new 1 Series sedan, the car company hopped on the TikTok bandwagon by creating #hashtag challenge. BMW partnered with Falco PunchSky & Tami and PatroX to make #THE1Challenge. The influencers perform a dance that was specially created for the campaign and challenged followers to see if they had the moves. The hashtag itself has reached over 6 million views.

  • Morphe X Jaclyn Hill
Photo obtained fromJaclyn Hill Instagram

Typically influencers promote products the brand provides. But in some cases, brands will give influencers the opportunity to create their own product, like Morphe X Jaclyn Hill. The makeup brand offered Hill to create her own eyeshadow palette using their resources. This campaign gained so much attention that the palette sold in 45 minutes. Since the first collaboration went off without a hitch, Morphe and Hill are said to be working on a second version of the product.

  • Headspace Mindfulness Instagram Campaign
Photo obtained from Rachel Pitzel Instagram

Mental health has recently taken the spotlight as we are navigating a new lifestyle. Headspace requested the help of medium-tier influencers to raise awareness about mental health and mindfulness just by trying the app and being transparent with their followers. As a result, Headspace’s social media following has reached over 100,000. 

  • Ancestry DNA
Photo obtained from Power Couple Life Instagram

With the creative help from Micro-influencers on Instagram, Ancestry DNA encouraged users to explore and trace their genealogy. Influencers took this opportunity to follow their genealogy through travel destinations and share their experience with their followers. In another effort to increase awareness about DNA, Ancestry DNA and influencers usually team up for National DNA Day, April 25. In this case, influencers share their DNA findings and promote their brand partner’s special offers. Ancestry DNA reached a 6% engagement rate last year.

  • Hilton
Photo obtained from The Profashional Instagram

Hilton enlisted the help of micro-influencers to showcase their worldwide locations. The “Seven Urban Wonders of the World” campaign had one objective in mind: discover the best food and attractions during a brief walk, close to one of the seven Hilton locations: Sydney, London, Vienna, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi. Hilton used tags and hashtags to track user-generated content and engagement.  As a result, Hilton reached over 100,000 likes and multiple positive comments and shares. 

  • Dunkin Donuts
Photo obtained from Josheatsphilly Instagram

In an effort to promote their coffee and espresso, Dunkin’ Donuts recruited a team of nano-influencers on Instagram. The influencers were to capture their daily routine while featuring their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts drink. After the campaign, Dunkin’s engagement rate increased by 5% and reached $300 million in coffee sales. 

  • Buffalo Wild Wings March Madness Campaign

During the 2020 March Madness, one of America’s favorite sports bars decided to get in on the hype. Buffalo Wild Wings enlisted Macro and Micro-influencers to encourage Instagram followers to drop their phones and head to their local Buffalo Wild Wings and watch “the game”. The influencers would even write to their followers to get off social media and watch the game. 

  • Syft Bang Energy Campaign

If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the past year, you’ve probably seen at least one Influencer promoting Bang Energy. Well, we’re partly to blame here at Syft. We’ve partnered with Bang to create over 695 entertaining Bang Energy posts with our network of Influencers. In total the videos have over 400 million views, and we consider it to be a massive success.

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