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2020’s Top 5 TikTok Trends

TikTok Trends

2020 was a crazy year. Although COVID-19 ran rampant worldwide, it was a catalyst to social media’s growth. And what we saw, as a result, was an endless wave of social media trends. In that wave, TikTok surfed the hightide as Vine washed over. With a string of new features built around its growing community, it’s no surprise that the biggest social media trendsetters came from TikTok.

Here’s looking back at the 5 biggest TikTok trends that blew all over social media.

1. Highway Skateboarding And Juice-Drinking With doggface208

It was just another day for @420doggface208: chilling in his car on his way to work. His car breaks down. And as any human being would, he didn’t want to get late for work. So what did he do?

He decided to film himself skating down the highway, listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry juice.

This juice drinking, highway-skateboarding madlad took the internet with a storm with his fantastic vibe and cool demeanor. The video’s popularity was ridiculous to the point that you could not scroll through the “For You” page without seeing a spoof of doggface208’s video. Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac himself hopped on to the hype-train to do his own version of the video.

It’s no surprise that with this much fame, doggface208’s video tripled the sales of Fleetwood Mac’s song, and gave a solid boost to Ocean Spray juices sales.

2. Seeing Two Pretty Best Friends

While not genre-defining, Jordan Scott’s video was viral even by the best of viral standards. His now-famous line, “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends, it’s always one of them has to be ugly,” came from inside his car.

His opinion took off instantly with people making their own videos using Jordan Scott’s voice from the original,  showing off their best friends, proving Jordan wrong, making fun of themselves and him. The trend could have struck a sour note, but with the TikTok community being as wholesome and embracing as it is, it was all taken in stride. All we had was a lot of fun.

3. Getting Bored In The House

We all were. We all got bored in the house. But Curtis Roach was already bored in early March, even before COVID-19 sent the world packing into a lockdown. His video was pretty straightforward, but you’d be sinning if you said it wasn’t catchy as heck.

Curtis showed-off his beat creation by banging his fist and singing, “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.” Not only was it catchy, but it was also very relatable for everyone in lockdown. It took off like wildfire with other users recreating their versions of the video to show how bored they were in quarantine.

4. Biting Into A Plastic Apple

Did you ever think biting into plastic bottles would become a thing?

The trend took off on TikTok once people realized that biting into a Martinelli apple juice bottle (the one shaped like an apple) sounded like biting into a real apple.

It wasn’t long before people were trying it out for themselves, not knowing if the trend was real or if people were faking it by adding sounds to their videos. This was one of those trends that had perfect timing; coming along just when people were bored enough in their homes to try obscure things like these.

5. Birthday Suit ‘Prank’

It’s fascinating how creative humans get sitting at home doing zilch. This last TikTok Trends became popular during the height of the quarantine when many couples were sheltering together.
This simple trend was girlfriends walking in on their significant others with only their birthday suit on, recording their partner’s reactions. Watching people’s reactions to their partner walking in on them naked was hilarious. It was a great feel-good trend. A much needed respite during the quarantine.

All’s Well That Ends Well

One thing is clear. TikTok has been a lifesaver at keeping people sane, and in good spirits during the gloomy year that was 2020. Sure, there was drama and unwanted situation like in ever other situation that involves human interaction. But the way people bonded over bizarre things made TikTok one of the most wholesome communities of 2020.

People came together, created and followed fun trends, and kept themselves and others in high spirits. Without TikTok and its users, 2020 would have been a whole lot crazier than it already was.

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